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The Bookrack: 11 Titles On Alexis Rose's Bookshelf

Updated: Jan 23, 2022

Welcome to 'The Bookrack,' a segment that lists what our favorite on-screen characters are probably reading!

The adventurous socialite from Pop TV's Schitt's Creek might have started off dense and selfish, but viewers found a caring go-getter in Alexis Rose as the series progressed. From almost abandoning her broke family in season one to eventually finishing her degree and kickstarting her career all alone in New York, Ms. Rose came a long way and went on to have one of the most iconic character arcs in recent TV history.

And here's what the fashion-forward, headstrong woman behind Alexis Rose Communications probably has (has had) on her bookshelf!

AMERICAN ROYALS by Katherine McGee

The Roses were the toast of their town (and many others), long enjoying the status of new-age American royalty. Things surely took a turn when "Schitt" hit the ceiling (we aren't ashamed of our puns here). However, until Alexis was in the mix of all bits glamorous and upscale, McGee's tale of an American Royal family in a reimagined world might just be what her teenaged self would have had on her shelf!

The once globe-trotting diva who constantly found herself in anecdote-worthy situations would definitely cherish DeRoche's memoir of a sophisticated, prone-to-seasickness city girl stuck in the stormy Pacific waters on a leaky sailboat with her new beau. A funny, upbeat, and moving saga of a year-long sea voyage is just what Ms. Rose would pocket during one of her adventures.


The business of the rich and the famous and the chaotic is nothing new to Alexis. She is a pro, ready to take on the rapids of New York City's high society with her marketing venture. And Weisberger's novel starring Emily Charlton (from The Devil Wears Prada), now a successful image consultant, would be a perfect fit for a sunny, weekend Central Park read.


Kinsella's bestseller is a fun, albeit cautionary, tale of a London woman who hoards up debt in keeping up with season's must-haves in her closet. Replete with humor, intrigue, and romance, the book is an entertaining big-city read about high-society glamour and the downfalls of giving into unchecked vanity--lessons Alexis picked up through the years!

GIRL, WASH YOUR FACE by Rachel Hollis

Founder of and CEO of her own media company, Holliss has established a dedicated fanbase of ardent listeners and readers who take note of her tips for living a better-balanced life. Hollis shares her ups and down, her honesty and candor a definite draw for young women who find themselves in hot waters when chasing their goals. Honestly, we see Alexis coming up with one of her own someday.

THE SKINCARE BIBLE by Dr. Anjali Mahto

We are guessing Mahto's science-backed information to caring for our largest organ is a constant on both the Rose siblings' nightstands. Putting her years of experience and research, Mahto cuts through common misconceptions about skincare and discusses routines, habits, and products that work wonders in having healthy, glowing skin.

10,000 MILES FOR LOVE by Milena Nguyen

We found Alexis diligently keeping her long-distance with Ted falling off the ledge in the later seasons. Skype dates, texting, and constant yearning somewhat cut their distance short, but it wouldn't be far off to assume that Alexis probably turned to self-help or two to find some comfort during their difficult patches. A good chance it was Nguyen's practical guide to making long-distance relationships work.


Godin's marketing wisdom would do Alexis a whole lot of good as she lunges into the competitive markets of New York to take ARC off the grounds. Focussing on building lasting relationships, Godin emphasizes empathy, emotional labour, and generosity as tools to establish narratives with the audience while discarding the dependency on vanity social media metrics.

PRETTY ICONIC by Sali Hughes

Getting into the role beauty plays in our lives, journalist, broadcaster, and Guardian columnist, Sali Hughes discuss over 200 iconic products in the beauty world in this impressively researched book of short essays, perfect for beauty conscious gentry like the Roses. We're pretty sure Alexis carried a copy to NY, a metropolis where the CEO of a marketing firm must know her way around what's working and what's new in the beauty business.

HOW TO BE A BAWSE by Lilly Singh

Canadian YouTube sensation Lilly Singh is downright the right person to learn building an empire from scratch. Big gigs demand big guts. And if at all confidence is running on short supply some days, the charismatic Rose can flip the pages of Singh's guide to being a BAWSE to help realign her goals and intentions. We spy a worn-out copy on Alexis's nightstand.

ROOMIES by Christina Lauren

With a new city comes new dating opportunities. And although Alexis might hold out some space for a Ted-comeback (we know we are), exploring exciting possibilities should be a priority for her. Especially in New York, a city teeming with young, motivated, and attractive bachelors. And speaking of sexy singles and steamy romances, very few do it like Christina Lauren. We have not a shred of doubt that Alexis quickly nabbed a copy at one of the Indies.

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