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Recommendations, tips, and millennial musings in a list-based format

Thoughts I had at the dentist's office

I came back from my vacation with dental concerns. Apparently brushing twice a day doesn't suffice. One needs to have something called vitamins in their bodies? Calcium and the likes? Anyway ...

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12 Noteworthy Books Of Dalit Literature

April is Dalit History Month in India. Kickstarted by Dalit women in 2013, the month has since been a period of recognizing the cultural and historical contributions of the Dalit and Adivasi communities, alongside the institutional and social discrimination they face from upper-caste sections...

6 Books Ocean Vuong is Currently Reading

In a recent Instagram Q&A, the T.S. Eliot Award-winning poet and novelist (The Night Sky With Exit Wounds, On Earth We're Briefly Gorgeous) shared books he is currently reading and keeping close by. His next...

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16 Newsletters To Subscribe in 2022

It wouldn't be crazy to say I have lived inside my mailbox for most of 2021. And, thankfully, it wasn't all finicky clients, promotional emails, and rejection letters in response to ambitious submissions. I actively sought content I'd like to read and process. To populate...

KT Community Picks: Movies that upped the ante (and our screen time) in 2021

For another year mostly spent indoors, OTT platforms had an unmissable golden run. Awaited theatrical releases were far and few in between, as most producers pushed their movies on streaming platforms amid the still uncertain pandemic...

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9 Memoirs & Essay Collections To Dive Into This Autumn

The world bears added layers in its triumphs and failures for an observant artist. The following memoirs and essay collections by some of the most sought-after, celebrated, and prolific women in recent history convey those...

9 Indian Historical Nonfiction Books Worth Your Time

Sprawling over millenniums, the shifting political and religious landscapes of the Indian subcontinent have birthed gigantic kingdoms and a motley of contradicting cultures. A closer look...

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13 Books We've Featured in Our Weekly Newsletter

Over the months, we have made sure our readers receive quality reading recommendations. In our issues thus far, these titles have made the cut above all else, making for an exciting blend of memorable fiction, moving poetry collections, and urgent nonfiction.

8 Incredible September 2021 Book Releases

The Fall book line-up is crucial for the publishing industry. The noted, the celebrated, the most awaited are published beginning September, right before the chill sets in, right when the schools reopen in the West, giving everybody enough time to recognize, read, and spread the good word before the Holiday season hits. It is strategic marketing, based on commonplace lifestyle factors. Big debuts...

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7 worst nightmares of every book lover

There is simply not enough money in the world to trade the heartbreak of forgetting a hardbound on a public transport!

Shifting Bases

If you have moved apartments, cities, or, well, continents with boxes and boxes of books, you know the pain of packing, organizing, loading, and unloading them. You also know...

13 random things to think about on a Saturday night

Because it's August. Because the leaves will soon be funny colors. Because your neighbor turns up Bon Iver songs late in the night. Because you once fell in love. Because it also fell apart. Because you're still here.

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8 enemies-to-lovers books to ease the pain of your dating slump

Don't get me wrong. All romance tropes are great. Bestfriends to lovers? Yes, please! The grump and the sunshine? Favourite, right there. Fake dating? Well. Sign. Me. Up. However, there is something to be said about the timeless and exceedingly entertaining enemies-to-lovers narrative. The mere idea of two individuals who just can't see eye to eye yet harbour deep, unresolved feelings for each other (Miss Bennet and Mr. Darcy, looking at you) is thrilling and sufficiently complex to stay invested. A lot of things can go wrong in a mutually untrusting relationship. And they do...

5 tips for developing a lasting reading habit

If you haven’t read a book in a while and want to get back to reading regularly, might I suggest you start with short stories and essay collections? Your brain, like any other muscle in your body, needs to get comfortable with new patterns and rhythms. We do not start off picking the heaviest dumbbells on day one now, do we? 

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