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Thoughts I had at the dentist's office

Updated: Apr 2, 2023

Made a quick trip to the clinic. Regretted every second.

I came back from a week-long vacation bearing dental concerns. Apparently brushing your teeth twice a day doesn't quite suffice. One needs to have vitamins. Go figure. Anyway. On a hot, very hot, Wednesday, I laughably parallel parked my car and stepped inside my dentist's office after ages.

Much ensued. Mostly it was pain and dread.

"I should've brought an adultier adult with me."

"My car must be catching fire at the parking lot in this heat."

"Wow. Everybody here smells like bleach and disinfectants."

"Hmm. That attendant is cute ..."

"Okay. Time to sit in the chair."

"What! Wait! Why are they stuffing cotton inside my mouth?"

"Holy! *%#@$%$@!"

"What is that drilling noise? Is there a construction site nearby... "

"Here cometh the death drill!!"

"Is the cute attendant watching this?!"

"I'm dead, ain't I?"

"Well, at least the hard part is over."

*Sashays back to the reception like the pain was nothing.*

"Excuse me! This costs how much?!"

"But, hey. No cavities, I guess."

"Gonna brush my teeth sixteen times a day. FML."

Have you been to the dentist's recently? Tips to not panic are welcome in the comments below!

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I couldn’t stop laughing for the entire read. Hilariously compiled. I dread the visit myself so looking out for advices from other readers here.

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