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A hypothetical deep dive into what our favorite on-screen characters are reading

Rachel Green


Whether it was Rachel surmising Wuthering Heights is about robots, falling back on feminist self-help to empower herself, or giving Little Women spoilers to Joey, this 90's icon is a reader through and through...


Aisha Banerjee

Wake Up Sid

In Ayan Mukherjee's debut feature, an aspiring writer from Kolkata moves to Mumbai to make a dent in the city's cultural landscape. Konkana Sen Sharma as Aisha Banerjee has since become iconic. A far departure...

Alexis Rose

Schitt's Creek

The adventurous socialite from Pop TV's Schitt's Creek might have started off dense and selfish, but viewers found a caring go-getter in Alexis Rose as the series progressed. From almost abandoning...

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