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7 nightmares of every book lover

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

There is simply not enough money in the world to trade the heartbreak of forgetting a hardbound on a public transport.

Shifting bases

If you have moved apartments, cities, or, well, continents with boxes and boxes of books, you know the pain of packing, shipping, and reorganizing them. You also know you had to give most of them away because, hello, every kilo means much more FedX money!

Not enough space

It happens. It happens a lot. And it sucks! There are only so many ways you can rearrange the stacks before accepting your next investment should either be more shelf space, an audiobook, or a new hobby.

Your favorite Indie closing

Yes, there have been ugly tears when a beloved local bookstore has closed in the past. And, no, nobody has recovered from it. Ever.

Disrespectful borrowers

This one's probably the worst. How many times have you parted from your precious copy to lend it to a friend, only to get it back (or never get it back) in a condition far worse? SOUL CRUSHING.

Dearth of appropriate bookmarks

To leave a book midway (respectfully) requires acceptable ammunition. Turning it upside down? Chaotic. Sticking a pencil in between? Ugly bumps along the spine. Dog-ears? Only soulless maniacs do that. Losing the page number once and for all? *sobs into the pillow until sunrise*

Poor movie adaptations

Your favorite character not getting that arch or the antagonist being typecast are some of the very few outcomes of an ill-researched, hasty screen adaption. Much cringe. Much disappointment.

Misplacing the book altogether

Devil's work, right here. Every time you have mistakenly left a book on the subway, in a cab, or on the busy money-exchange counter in a Midtown bank (the specificity might tell you how real it was for some people *winks*), a star has exploded some galaxies away.

Think you can come up with more? Well, tell us in the comments!

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